What is our work?


To educate about methods of myofunctional therapy by providing educational programs on each level.

To create a space for a long-term cooperation and network for professionals from different fields. To organise off-line and on-line educational and networking events.  

To popularise an integrative approach among parents

Adequate diagnosis

       timely treatment.​


To raise the prestige of the functional approach and preventive methods

To built a working business and marketing strategy to make myofunctional practice financially profitable

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United, working together on the health of future generations.​


IAMTMD is a community of professionals and organisations in dentistry, medicine and education that is spread all around the globe.


The International Association of Integrative Medicine and Contemporary Technologies

Valentina Gecha

President of IAMTMD

Mission of IAMTMD

Dear colleagues and dear parents,

I am glad to welcome you on the platform of IAMTMD – international project, that includes educational programs, network communication, a source of support for specialists and clinics. 

The idea of creation of the Association came to me after years of experience in management and development of of educational, business and charity projects in the field of myofunctional therapy, when I found out which challenges doctors and clinics have to face after their decision to start practicing preventive approach. When the picture was clear, along with top leaders of various health provider sectors, we decided to create an organisation with the main goal of supporting and developing the myofunctional therapy concept and practical application. 

Myofunctional therapy is a very efficient application, however its importance is not widely recognised. The reason is simple: preventive methods are being underestimated by people and health practicians do not know how to make it financially profitable.

This is why we first set our goal to popularise the whole concept of myofunctional preventive approach among the professionals, but also and even more importantly, among the population. To raise the prestige of the whole movement and to convey the value of the preventive treatment, it is necessary to build new communication strategy. Nowadays, with the progress of technologies, the common belief is that we can fix everything in our body. However, is this a reliable concept?...



Prof. Roger L Price

...In this rapidly changing world of science and technology in the field of Dentistry and Orthodontics, we would not be maintaining our professional, moral and ethical principles if we did not take note of what is happening, and how these new systems and protocols affect the techniques we have used in the past...


Prof. Bedros Yavru-Sakuk

The Association is the Roof Under which All Health Professionals Involved in Myofunctional Therapy Meet Worldwide. 

Head of Trustees Committee

Head of the Science Committee 


Our plans for 2021-2022

  • Start of the membership program in the beginning of 2022. 

  • Start of the loyalty program for clinics

  • Implementation of myofunctional approach into bachelor and post-graduate programs. 

  • Series of educational courses

  • Series of marketing strategy trainings.

  • Off-line congress.

  • International non-profitable educational programs in cooperation with WHO and UN ("zero water" project)

  • Partnership programs with Academy of Dentistry International

  • Series of networking events 

  • Series of lectures by Roger L. Price and John Flutter: mini residency for myofunctional therapists, breathing assistants, speech pathologists , dentists – VIP event

  •  Residency for dentists by German Ramirez - 5 Modules - VIP events (including practical classes for dental technicians)

  • Course of myofunctional therapy for speech pathologists 

  • Presentation of new innovative products and technologies in field of functional therapy

  • Organisation of volunteer programs. 

Our events

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6 Of May, 2022

ADI Eastern Europe Section

Convocation. Induction Ceremony


7 Of May, 2022

Symposium“Orthodontics and General Health”


14 Of May, 2022. Online

International e-Congress 

«The passive functional approach is the application of a neuroscientific philosophy on orofacial rehabilitation»


Educational collaboration 

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San-Francisco, 2019

FDI Congress

Our partners

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