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United, working together on the health of future generations.​


IAMTMD is a community of professionals and organisations in dentistry, medicine and education that is spread all around the globe.


The International Association of Integrative Medicine and Contemporary Technologies

Mission Statement


To foster the understanding that Symptoms and Causes are different and that both need to be addressed in order to arrive at a stable outcome

Early identification of issues before they become chronic illnesses and require major intervention

To educate and inform both Professionals as well as Public in this Integrative approach



To create and teach systems and strategies whereby Integrative Functional Therapy can become a viable and profitable addition to an existing practice

Valentina Gecha


President of IAMTMD

Mission of IAMTMD

Dear Colleagues and Dear Parents,


It is my pleasure to welcome you to the IAMTMD International Project – an initiative whose time is long overdue. We face two specific and individual challenges.


The first is the need to help those millions of people who are already damaged – some of them beyond resolution.

The second is to focus on our future – out children – and their children – and instead of trying to fix the problem after it has happened – to identify – correct and prevent the early dysfunction from becoming a chronic long-lasting illness.  We can do this – and we have to do this – as the numbers of sick people are increasing year by year.


The decision to create this Association was as a result of many years of experience in the world of Functional, Myofunctional and Craniofacial protocols and techniques – in which I was involved in education, training, business and development.


As Doctors, Dentists, Orthodontists and Clinics have found out – moving into this field is fraught with challenge – as it is not regarded as mainstream. The irony is that these processes have been used for more than 100 years – are fully documented – but have fallen by the wayside under the avalanche of modern technology and devices...


Prof. Roger L Price

In this rapidly changing world of science and technology in the field of Dentistry and Orthodontics, we would not be maintaining our professional, moral and ethical principles if we did not take note of what is happening, and how these new systems and protocols affect the techniques we have used in the past.


Nowhere is this more obvious than in the field of malocclusion and airway where there is a major shift towards looking at aetiology as well as symptomatology.


Living is nothing more than a constant process of survival which depends on being able to ‘take the next breath’.  This next breath is affected by the way we sit, stand, move and hold our posture – and all of this affects the way we hold our heads and the way that our skulls, jaws and teeth develop and grow.


The IAMTMD was created to promote the principles of Myofunctional Orthodontics and Functional Airway – two issues that affect close to 90% of people in the more developed countries.

Head of the Science Committee 


Treatment | Education | Prevention

Introduction for dentists to explain the need for ancillary services

Professional Networking


Create syllabus for both
undergraduate and post graduate study


Orofacial Myology
for the orofacial complex


Myofunctional Therapy
across all eleven body systems

Blog site for ideas exchange

Annual International Convention

Special additional courses
for existing manual therapists

Habit identification and correction

Partnerships with Universities and appropriate organisations

Biofeedback mediated strategies to allow for self-learning

Remote discussion groups in various time zones


Special Interest Groups both online as well as in person

Innovative products and technologies used to achieve change

Special courses covering Communication and Marketing

Our events

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6 Of May, 2022

ADI Eastern Europe Section

Convocation. Induction Ceremony


7 Of May, 2022

Symposium“Orthodontics and General Health”


14 Of May, 2022. Online

International e-Congress 

«The passive functional approach is the application of a neuroscientific philosophy on orofacial rehabilitation»


Educational collaboration 

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San-Francisco, 2019

FDI Congress

Our partners

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